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Integrated Healthcare Centers Hopes to Help People With Weight Loss

Garland, Texas – People battling against the bulge have support from Integrated Healthcare Centers, a pain relief and rehab clinic with locations in Garland and San Antonio, Texas. The staff is available to assist with medical weight loss services, such as helping patients create a customized weight loss plan for the long haul, not just to assist them in dropping a few pounds and sending them on their way.

“People serious about losing weight often run into some big challenges, since, unlike cigarettes or alcohol, it’s impossible to go cold turkey – you always have to eat,” said Dr. Jason Kouri, Medical Director of Integrated Healthcare Centers. “It’s also hard to resist trying out some of the various trendy diets out there, which rarely work, and some of them can even harm the body.”

As a safer alternative for the long-term, he is happy to meet with people and discuss what could be appropriate weight loss goals, based on the patient’s metabolism, medical history and genetics – and definitely not what the latest style magazines try and dictate as a healthy diet or weight.

“We like nothing more than educating people about ways to make healthy lifestyle choices and get their weight into a healthy range,” Dr. Kouri said. “We teach all of our patients the importance of exercise, and also give them options if certain activities turn out to be especially painful in their back or joints.”

Customized plans can include a variety of medically-supervised programs and treatments, ranging from group exercises classes and nutritional counseling to vitamin counseling and hypnosis.  Patients may benefit from acupuncture, appetite suppressants, hormonal balancing, vibration therapy and more.

This fall, patients can try a variety of specials, including weekly injections containing Vitamin B12 and HCG, a hormone that encourages weight loss. Five weeks for only $75, a $175 value, and 10 weeks costs $125, a $350 value.

Patients also have the option to sign up for a two-week physician-supervised weight-loss program for $175. The program (valued at $390) includes an initial meeting with a doctor plus a body composition analysis and counseling; four lipotropic B-12 injections; and a prescription for appetite suppressants. 

Dr. Kouri said the center’s programs are all designed to make sure everyone receives the necessary amount of calories and nutrients to support a healthy system.

 “Patients may be suffering from hormonal imbalances or metabolisms that need to be adjusted after years of yo-yo dieting,” he said. “We like to help people’s bodies start working for them, not against them.”

Even if weight loss isn’t your primary goal, Integrated Healthcare Centers offers other services to boost health or reduce pain, especially in your head, back or neck.

Integrated Healthcare Centers offers a variety of services for patients in the Garland/Dallas area and San Antonio area, including pain management and medically-supervised weight loss. For more information visit or call (210) 341-5591 for the San Antonio location and (972) 686-2701 for the Garland location.